About us

Closed joint-stock company “T-rank” was founded in 1996 by professionals in the field of radio communications. Already in the first year of our work, we proudly demonstrated our working trunking systems to customers. Since then, more than 50 communication systems for various purposes have been deployed, some of which are unique solutions that have no analogues in Tajikistan.

Today CJSC “T-rank” is one of the few in the sector of professional mobile communications in Tajikistan. Since our inception, we have not changed the scope of our basic interests – the development and implementation of modern developments, gradually forming a business portfolio that optimally meets the requirements of the Customer.

CJSC “T-rank” specializes in the construction of complex geographically distributed corporate networks with the integration of city-scale services and the whole of Tajikistan. The modern concept of building a digital network that we offer allows the customer to use the most modern communication capabilities to combine various types of information networks into a single digital data transmission network.

System integration in our understanding is the development and implementation of an optimal technical solution based on Motorola equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Customer. As part of system integration, the Company’s specialists perform a full range of work at all stages of the creation and operation of a communication system:

pre-project survey, expert assessment, collection and formation of requirements for the system, preparation of technical specifications; design, including the development of several preliminary options for building a system, optimization of a technical and economic solution taking into account specific requirements, calculation of traffic and radio coverage areas;

  • supply of equipment and means of communication;
  • performance of installation and commissioning works;
  • delivery of the system to the Customer on a turnkey basis;
  • training of the Customer’s personnel;
  • warranty and post-warranty support.

We are ready to advise you on the issue of obtaining licenses for activities in the field of communications and obtaining frequency assignments, to assist in the implementation of business planning.

CJSC “T-rank” has the necessary permits for the purchase and sale of radio equipment, the provision of engineering services. CJSC “T-rank” is the representative of Motorola in Tajikistan since 2004.

Thanks to this partnership, our Customers always have a choice.

All equipment offered by us is certified.

The main principle of our approach is not the transformation of the request of a solvent Customer to the capabilities of a particular type of equipment, but the search and implementation of a technical solution that can meet all the requirements of the Customer.

The successful activity of our company is confirmed by dozens of completed projects and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers, including government and law enforcement agencies, industrial associations, banks, telecom operators and commercial structures.

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